The Time for Trump-Shaming Has Come

“Every crowd has a silver lining.”
             – P. T. Barnum

“There’s a sucker born every minute.”
            – Barnum Associate David Hannum

“(Y)ou idiots just don’t understand …TRUMP understands ME!”
           – Trump Supporter Maxon Roads

On April 6th New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof published a column entitled, “My Most Unpopular Idea:  Be Nice to Trump Voters.”  Kristof was motivated by a reaction to a column that asked his mostly progressive readership to keep an open mind about those who voted for Trump.  “One problem with the Democratic anger is that it stereotypes a vast and contradictory group of 63 million people,” Kristof wrote, adding, “”Sure, there were racists and misogynists in their ranks, but that doesn’t mean that every Trump voter was a white supremacist.”  Addressing his liberal readers, Kristof wrote, “The blunt truth is that if we care about a progressive agenda, we simply can’t write off 46 percent of the electorate.”

Another blunt truth is that we have to write off some of them by publicly shaming them. 


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