The Schoolhouse Gate and Substantial Disruption in Marana

On December 23, 2016, the Arizona Daily Star featured a large photograph of boisterous teenagers displaying a Confederate Battle Flag while standing on the bed of a pickup truck. The Battle Flag was one of several displayed by Southern States during the Civil War. The students displayed the flag across the street from Marana High School to protest the school’s decision to ban the flag on campus and because, “it represents pride in their Southern heritage and the ban oppresses their right to free speech,” according to the Star. When knuckleheads bleat about their right to “free speech,” they do not become patriots. They remain knuckleheads. Fortunately, seventeen year-old knuckleheads have undeveloped brains, so eight more years of cranial development may eventually cure them of their knuckle headedness.

Marana authorities were right to prohibit the display of the Confederate Battle Flag on school grounds. Despite the protesters’ suggestion that the prohibition was viewpoint discrimination, that is the not the case. Whether one believes the flag is a harmless expression of “Southern heritage” or a symbol of violence and oppression, neither interpretation has anything to do with the ban.

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