The Future Bleaching of America?

Somewhere in heaven, the ghost of Abraham Lincoln threw up in his top hat. “I can’t believe it,” said Abe, wiping off his beard. “My Party nominated and my country elected a white supremacist. My God!”

God, who happened to be nearby, looked over. “What can I say?” God told Abe. “A plague is a plague.”

Is Abe right about Donald Trump being a white supremacist? The possibility cannot be ruled out, given the prominence of figures in his campaign. The Breitbart website is commonly referred to as an “alt-right” website, and “alt-right” is basically the politically correct term for white supremacist.

But, does it matter? Years ago I conducted a workplace investigation into alleged racial harassment. When I interviewed the accused, he told me, “I swear to God, I’m not a racist.” My reply: I don’t care. Go ahead and be a racist if that’s what you are. Just don’t act like one in the workplace. I take the same approach with the nation’s new employee:   Go ahead and be a white supremacist, if that’s what you are — just don’t govern like one.

How will we know whether Trump will govern as a white supremacist? The answer may come fairly quickly, as he lays out his immigration policy. It won’t be in provisions to deport most undocumented immigrants, or to build a wall along the Mexican border. Neither mass deportations nor the wall will ever happen. That rhetoric will not become reality. The litmus test for whether, and to what extent, Trump is influenced by white supremacist ideology will be his proposal for future immigration.

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