On Your Marks, Get Set, Stop!

Those who viewed the President’s inaugural speech were treated to a description of the country that read like the script for a “Mad Max” movie. The problems that bedevil every recent administration, such as poverty (which is going down) a decline in factory jobs (which are not coming back), some underperforming schools (although the high school graduation rate is at an all-time high) and crime (which is still near an all-time low) were described as “carnage.” Merrian-Webster online describes “carnage” as: “the flesh of slain animals or humans” or a “great and usually bloody slaughter or injury.” That may apply to Aleppo, or the Pulse Nightclub, but America?

Comrade Trump might be onto something if you consider the Pulse Nightclub massacre, the ongoing slaughter in Chicago, and the tragic numbers killed and wounded by firearms. No American can accept tens of thousands killed and wounded annually as reasonable or necessary, or as an inevitable side effect of the Second Amendment. Carnage in the name of the Constitution is never inevitable or defensible. It’s wrong to shout “fire” in a crowded theater. It’s wrong to open fire in one, too.

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