Brokeback White House

“I wish I knew how to quit you.”  That’s what Donald said to Michael, if not in so many words, then certainly in deed.  How else do you explain the President’s clinging to his former National Security Advisor like goose down to Velcro?  Every sentient being on the planet knew that retired General Michael Flynn had been a very naughty boy.  On December 29, 2016, still-President Barack Obama imposed sanctions on Russia in retaliation for hacking and other actions intended to influence the outcome of the Presidential election.   General Flynn subsequently discussed the sanctions with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak five times, including the day the sanctions were announced.  American intelligence officials recorded all of it.  Then, to make things worse, Flynn lied to the media about the conversations and was not totally forthcoming with the FBI when they asked him about them.  Worst of all, the General lied to the other Michael, Vice President Mike Pence.  The President knew Flynn had lied to the other Michael, but didn’t say anything to the Vice President for at least two weeks.  Why should he?  Pence is such a prig, always looking like he has an icicle up his posterior.  When the spooks leaked the story to the Washington Post, the Veep learned he had been getting the mushroom treatment, and the President had no choice.  He had to keep Veep happy and General  Flynn was caught with his Pence down.  The President had to say those three magic words, the ones he values more than any others: “You are fired.”  But his heart wasn’t in it.  He’d grown accustomed to his Flynn.

Michael Flynn tendered his forced resignation on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

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