Man reveals how easy it is for pedophiles to prey on teen girls via social media by luring three out of their homes while their parents watch on in horror

Pedophiles have been hiding behind the anonymity of the internet for years – but unfortunately, it seems that some teens and tweens think their parents’ warnings about the dangers of speaking to strangers online are just unwarranted overreactions.

YouTube star Coby Persin, 21, set out to help some New York-area parents teach their children how real the threat of pedophiles, rapists, and abductors truly is, posing as a teen himself and luring their young daughters into potentially dangerous situations by first striking up conversations with them on Facebook.

‘How easy is it for a pedophile to pick up an underage child using social media?’ he asks in a new video, quickly proving that it’s not very difficult at all.

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How the Lyrics of Two Violent Rap Songs Could Redefine Your Online Free Speech Protections

Anthony Elonis, a Pennsylvania man in the midst of losing his job and his wife, turned to Facebook to write violent rap lyrics under the pseudonym Tone Dougie. He was subsequently arrested in December 2010 after his estranged wife and law enforcement found his lyrics were threatening.

In his lyrics, Elonis described killing his wife, shooting a kindergarten class, bombing local law enforcement agencies and killing an FBI agent who visited his house.

“Little Agent Lady stood so close / Took all the strength I had not to turn the bitch ghost / Pull my knife, flick my wrist, and slit her throat,” Elonis wrote in one of his songs.

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Fair Work rules property manager bullied two employees (AU)

A small real estate agency has been ordered to keep a property manager away from two other employees, after the Fair Work Commission ruled the manager bullied the two staff members.

The agency has also been ordered to develop and implement anti-bullying policies, procedures and training, in one of the commission’s few findings of bullying since it was given oversight of the area almost two years ago.

Fair Work Commissioner Peter Hampton made the orders on Wednesday, choosing to keep the identities of the company and employees under wraps in part to obtain a concession from the business that bullying occurred and in part to ensure the employees have access to a safe working environment in the future.

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Self-awareness program for middle schoolers? Yes, please.

For the fourth summer in a row, dozens of girls who are about to enter seventh grade will gather for a daylong workshop in Downers Grove to talk about everything from friendship complications to locker combinations.

Connecting to Ourselves for Real Empowerment (CORE), which takes place Aug. 20 at Herrick Middle School, is sponsored by a local nonprofit called Helping Girls Navigate Adolescence.

“It’s amazing the role that stress plays when girls are so young,” Mary Ellen Young, co-founder of HGNA, told me.

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Therapy dogs help eliminate school bullying (ID)

Therapy dogs are used here in the LC Valley and across the nation to help people get through tough times.

But here’s another look at how these special canines are taking a bite out of bullying.

Reporter Ariana Cohen has more

With sixth grade around the corner Grace Eno says she fears being bullied again in school.

“I get called like ‘midget’ because of my size,” said Eno. “And like when I was smaller I used to have a pixie cut, and they’d be all like ‘she’s a boy’. And if there was a hair fairy cause I wanted my hair to grow back so I wasn’t being called a boy anymore.”

“They’re here for you… all right,” said Stephanie Avila, school psychologist.

School psychologist Stephanie Avila says her two therapy dogs will help students like Grace by eliminating bullying in schools.

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About the New Look: Sign of the Times

As you can readily see, the look of Substantial Disruption has changed.  The reason is not aesthetic, although the old format was getting old.   This new design is both responsive and accessible.  Now that so many people are accessing online information on various screens of various sizes, from large desktop monitors to cell phones and tablets, it’s important that websites display correctly on all screen venues.   This blog is now built on a WordPress theme that is responsive.  And, by the way, this is not the final look.  The site design is still a work in progress.  However, it was time to make the change.  Unfortunately, the transition resulted in the loss of old posts and comments,  but that is the only substantive change.   Everything else will be what you have gotten used — with enhancements.  Later on, I will be migrating the site and to the new format as well.   I hope you continue to enjoy Substantial Disuption and information about bullying and cyberbullying prevention and research.  And please do not hestitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Mike Tully, Editor and Publisher

Cyberbullying on rise, particularly for teen girls, study says

A study of more than 16,000 Boston-area high school students suggests cyberbullying is on the rise, most sharply with girls as victims and abetted by the prevalence of smartphones among teenagers.

The percentage of the students who said they experienced cyberbullying jumped from 14.6 percent to 21.2 percent over a six-year period ending in 2012, according to the study by the nonprofit Education Development Center. The study used self-reported health survey data from 17 unidentified schools west of Boston.

The percentage of girls reporting incidents involving bullying or harassment on forums such as websites and social networks shot up 10 percent, while incidents targeting boys increased 3 percent, according to the study. At the same time, reports of in-person bullying decreased by 3 percent over the period.

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Kentucky juvenile justice department says it won’t change policy prohibiting anti-gay comments

The Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice on Friday said it’s standing by a year-old policy that prohibits anti-gay comments to youths held at the state’s juvenile detention centers.

The Liberty Counsel, a private religious group, threatened to sue the agency in a June 23 letter that said the policy violates the free speech of volunteers who want to counsel young inmates about homosexuality. The letter gave state officials until Friday to repeal the policy and reinstate David Wells, a Baptist minister asked to leave the Warren Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Bowling Green after he would not agree to restrict what he told inmates about their sexual orientation.

The Department of Juvenile Justice hopes to “foster an open and inclusive culture,” Commissioner Bob Hayter wrote in a letter on Friday to Richard Mast Jr., an attorney for the Liberty Counsel in Lynchburg, Va.

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