Why Substantial Disruption?

Picture of Mike Tully, Webmaster and Publisher
Mike Tully, Publisher

Substantial Disruption began as a blog several years ago.  You can still link to the blog from this page by clicking on the logo below.  I originally created Substantial Disruption when Professor Scott McLeod stopped publishing his excellent “At The School House Gate” blog, which also focused on bullying, cyberbullying, and other important issues impacting the education system.  I chose the title “Substantial Disruption” as an homage to Tinker v Des Moines, just as Scott had done with “School House Gate.”

Unlike the earlier blog, mine is not limited to the school experience.  Because of my recent work with Pima County, Arizona, I have decided to add information about workplace bullying as well as school bullying.  The behavior is remarkably similar in many ways.  Fortunately, there are fewer physical altercations in the workplace.  But there is still shunning, sabotage, gossiping, belittling and humiliating behavior.  Just as school bullying impedes academic achievement, workplace bullying impedes productivity.  Both are serious and need to be addressed.  And there needs to be a lot more research and study in the area of workplace bullying.  Except for the heroic efforts of the Workplace Bullying Institute, there is not a lot of research taking place, and insufficient data available.  But progress is being made, with the first workplace bullying legislation being passed into law in three states just last year.  The statutes are extremely limited, but it’s a start.logoThe primary purpose of this site is to support the blog by providing a place where some issues referenced in the blog can be explored in depth.  My intent is to change the content of this page to feature various topics, mostly relating in some way to school and workplace bullying.  But the content might also stray beyond those areas if an important issue or event warrants the attention.