WA State re-introduces the HWB in 2016

Eleven Washington State House Representatives have sponsored the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill (HB 2894). Another 11 state Senators of both parties are sponsoring the Senate companion bill (SB 6532). The HWB defines health-harming abusive conduct and makes it unlawful for employers to allow it to happen.

This marks the return of the legislation to Washington, absent since 2012. Washington was the 4th state to ever introduce the legislation.

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One thought on “WA State re-introduces the HWB in 2016”

  1. I am a WA State employee who is an exemplary employee until a Program Manager appointed me a supervisor in 2014. This person for whatever reason has made me the target for workplace bullying. I have been ostracized from the individuals I contracted with and provided public service two years prior to her appointment.

    I am not allowed to think on my own without permission. I am not able to conduct research with agency subject matter experts. The professional class series I work in has become an Ask, don’t think or take initiative environment since she was appointed. The manager and newer program manager support her behavior of targeting me and bullying me.

    I no longer take breaks or lunches because I am told I am away from my desk too long. There is no respect, nor praise. I am not approved to take educational opportunities that would advance my career and move on. I have been subject to many oral and written reprimands, one almost every month since my supervisor was appointed. I am sick often, depressed, humiliated by her , her manager, HR, and the Program Manager. I get a sense of dread every work day morning knowing that anything I do or say could be used to continually degrade me when my supervisor or manager are working or have a meeting with me.

    I am exhausted spending a lot of time covering myself by documenting events.

    I have asked the program manager to move me so I can get away from the bully but because there is no law to support that her behavior should not be tolerated my hands are tied. Most employers do not understand the effect of bullying on the bully or the cost to the agency.

    Please, please pass this Bill so that I and others like me not brave enough to speak up have some resolution with employers and can continue to work in a safe environment.

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