Welcome to the Boomtown

Welcome, welcome to the boomtown
All that money makes such a succulent sound
Welcome to the boomtown
            –  David and David, “Welcome to the Boomtown” (1986)

The Czar was exuberant.  He was in his favorite place, the Winter Palace on the Florida shore.  How he loved the giant, gilded ballroom, the gold-plated sinks, and the purloined coat of arms he modified by covering the Latin word for “integrity” with the word “Trump.”  The Winter Palace was warm, inviting, and gleaming with gold from every angle, in accordance with the Czar’s demand for an auriferous environment.   It was so unlike the official residence; that place is a real dump.  No wonder the exotic Czarina avoided it for months while Little Lord Barron finished school.  She’s about Madison Avenue, not Madison’s china.  Then there is the swamp surrounding the official residence, teaming with suspect life-forms like politicians, bureaucrats, hangers-on and leakers.  How he loathed them, even while he grinned and preened with them to celebrate a victory.  Let them bask in his sun-like presence.  Why not?   Reptiles need to bask in the sun.  The Czar had done as much as he could to buffer himself from the swamp creatures, even bringing family members into his new government.  His daughter, the Czarette, has an office just off the throne room.  He appointed her husband Minister of Miscellany.


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