Make America Firm Again

Is Donald Trump political Viagra? If the answer is yes, it may explain the success of the most unusual, invulnerable, and unexpected President-elect in history. Viagra sells dreams. That is why it is the most popular impotence drug in the world, despite its lack of satisfactory results. Its primary competitor, Cialis, rates much higher in customer satisfaction surveys, including those that include female partners. But compare the commercials. Cialis offers a remedy aimed at your average Jack and Jill. When Jack can’t scale the hill he takes a pill to thrill Jill and, in the blink of an eye (from Jill’s perspective) they are enjoying a post-connubial soak in paired bathtubs. Jack and Jill are average folks and could be your neighbors, except for the odd bathtub thing.

Viagra commercials are located in dreamland, not Jack-and-Jill-ville. They are set in exotic, luxurious resort locales, where tropical breezes riffle wispy nightgowns as the tide foams in the background. The women are not your average Jills. They are Super Models, fantasy creatures, who pose seductively and invite male viewers into their web of pulchritude. You never see the men in those commercials, at least not their faces. The most you see is the man from the neck down as he transports a cart of expensive designer luggage. The man’s identity is left vacant so that the viewer can inhabit it. Never mind that the advertiser’s target could never afford the resort or the woman, not to mention the luggage. When your skill set is obsolete, your values disparaged, your income jeopardized if not eliminated, and your life expectancy dropping because of despair and drug abuse, a dream may seem like salvation.

Donald Trump is the Viagra dream personified.

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