About This Blog

This blog is dedicated to the ongoing battle against bullying and cyber-bullying in  schools and workplaces.

This blog exists because bullying exists and continues to plague schools and workplaces.  The content will consist mostly of links to Internet information, including:

(1)  News Articles about bullying in schools and workplaces;

(2)  Information about research studies addressing school and workplace bullying;

(3)  Information about court cases and administrative decisions relating to school and workplace bullying;

(4)  Opinion pieces by notable experts in the field.

This blog will also include a steadily growing library of court opinions and research of interest to blog readers.

Blog content is not limited to developments in the United States, but will include information about worldwide efforts to address and eliminate bullying and cyberbullying.  I will, for example, include relevant opinions by the Fair Work Commission in Australia, which is creating a body of law that applies to Australia, but can also provide guidance to other nations, such as the United States, which has little, if anything, in the way of statutory or case law addressing workplace bullying.  Finally, I will include local content whenever possible, including statutes, regulations, and bullying and cyberbullying prevention policies.

This blog is, essentially, a public service.  Please let me know if you have any requests or suggestions for content or approach.

– Mike Tully, Publisher

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