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When Scott McLeod decided to deactivate his blog, “At The Schoolhouse Gate” several years, I decided to try to fill the void.  I’m not sure I ever matched Professor McLeod’s quality and presentation, but I gave it my best shot.  I have worked to present current news stories about bullying in schools and, more recently, in the workplace.   I have also taken advantage of my professional contacts to provide access to research studies and articles that I believed readers of this blog would find interesting.  I confess that many of my links were inspired by my friend Nancy Willard’s online discussion group, which I have been a member of since its inception.  Nancy has gathered an impressive roster of participants.

The time has come to put an end to this blog.  I have decided to focus my attention and energy on another online publication, also called “Substantial Disruption,” which is the location for my weekly opinion column.  Over the next few days and weeks I will redesign it and and expand it to include information about bullying — primarily workplace bullying — and news articles I find of interest.  Just delete the “blog” part of this URL and you will be there.  This page will shortly direct visitors to that site.  I also need to devote more time to my book on workplace bullying, which I hope to submit for publication later this year.  Stay tuned.

The event that triggered my decision to terminate this blog was the decision by the International Bullying Prevention Association to publish its own blog.  I am happy to defer to the Association, of which I am a member.  I served on the Association’s Board of Directors for several years and have presented at their annual conference, most recently in 2014 in San Diego.  You can read their blog by clicking here.  Give it a look.

Thanks to those of you who read this blog and commented.  I hope you follow me to my other blog, SUBSTANTIAL DISRUPTION, and recommend it to others if you like it.  It’s a different approach, but one that I am  historically comfortable with.  I have co-hosted a radio talk show and written an Internet column for years and enjoy the role of pundit, which comes naturally.  I’m sure I ruffle some feathers, but heck, that’s what feathers are for.  But I’ve had a lot of positive reaction, much more than criticism.


Mike Tully